It’s a May Day Parade at The Gables at Wolf Creek

Macon retirement community holds parade for its residents

All of the residents received a pair of silly socks to wear for the parade.

MACON, Ga. — There were lots of smiles and virtual hugs at the Gables at Wolf Creek this week.

Residents at the retirement community took advantage of the sunny weather to hold a parade.

Some walked while some cruised on their golf carts, but everyone was making noise to show love for their neighbors.

All of the residents received a pair of silly socks to wear for the parade.

“We stand together no matter what,” said activity director Ronelle Erhardt. “We may be trapped inside, but together we will get through this and we do this to let them know that they’re there for us, and we’re there for them.”

Erhardt says they have been planning activities every week to keep their residents engaged during the shelter-in-place restrictions.

Singing Saints at The Gables

What a pleasure to have the “Singing Saints” ladies from Forest Hill here to entertain us! Thank You for sharing your time with us.

“Time of my Life” Group Meeting

This group “Time of my Life” meet every Tuesday at 10am. They are like the postal service!! They will show up through rain, sleet or snow.

Matinee Movie Day

Matinee Movie Day!!!
A Christmas Carol
Popcorn, soda and candy

Lunch at the Clubhouse

It is so rewarding when we have residents come to the clubhouse to join us for lunch. Ms. Pat brought some stuffed shells. Yesterday Derrick brought pancit and lumpia.